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Wicked Little Letters

1h 40m Comedy | Crime | Drama
Wicked Little Letters
Wicked Little Letters


A 1920s English seaside town bears witness to a farcical and occasionally sinister scandal in this riotous mystery comedy.

Based on a stranger than fiction true story, WICKED LITTLE LETTERS follows two neighbors: deeply conservative local Edith Swan rowdy Irish migrant Rose Gooding. When Edith and fellow residents begin to receive wicked letters full of unintentionally hilarious profanities, foul-mouthed Rose is charged with the crime.

The anonymous letters prompt a national uproar, and a trial ensues. However, as the town’s women - led by Police Officer Gladys Moss - begin to investigate the crime themselves, they suspect that something is amiss, and Rose may not be the culprit after all.


Thea Sharrock


Jessie Buckley, Olivia Colman, Alisha Weir






United Kingdom, France



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  • "Whether or not there’s a factual basis to the story, it’s undeniably an absolute blast."
    - Screen Daily
  • "There’s nothing like two of the finest actresses of their generation waging war against each other."
    - Tom Shone Sunday
  • "An ultimately rather cozy tale of British eccentricity, enlivened by a superb cast."
    - Total Film
  • "A thoroughly enjoyable film that will have you wondering how a movie about letters could be so interesting."
    - JVS Media & Productions
  • "In Sharrock’s hands, WICKED LITTLE LETTERS is an entertaining account of what feels like a primitive form of today’s online flame wars, where people take sides as commenters openly disparage one another."
    - Variety
  • "It’s nominally a mystery — who is posting foul-mouthed letters around the English seaside town of Littlehampton? — but its appeal is down to the brio of an energised cast led by Jessie Buckley and Olivia Colman."
    - Financial Times
  • "Anjana Vasan is the third lead alongside Olivia Colman and Jessie Buckley, and the role is a breakout showcase for her— displaying her comedic chops as well as smarts."
    - The Playlist
  • "WICKED LITTLE LETTERS is wicked, weird, and wild. The mystery at its core will keep you guessing until the very end, and the increasingly raunchy letters will have you howling with laughter."
    - Film Obsessive


  • Toronto Int'l Film Festival
  • Villeurbanne British and Irish Film Festival