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The Bikeriders

1h 56m Crime | Drama

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The Bikeriders

From writer-director Jeff Nichols (Loving, Mud), THE BIKERIDERS is a furious drama following the rise of a fictional 1960s Midwestern motorcycle club, the Vandals.

Seen through the lives of its members, the club evolves over the course of a decade from a gathering place for local outsiders into a more sinister gang, threatening the original group’s unique way of life.


Jeff Nichols


Austin Butler, Jodie Comer, Tom Hardy






United States



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  • "Some films merely offer you a clockwork plot. Others, like Jeff Nichols’ smokin’ cool THE BIKERIDERS, whisk you away with a roar of mood and atmosphere."
    - TheWrap
  • "It goes a long way to humanize figures who’ve been long misrepresented on film, while giving audiences privileged access to this inner world."
    - Variety
  • "What resonates beyond the brawls and blood is a profound affection for the people onscreen — those grace notes provided by a fine cast, with Jodie Comer and Tom Hardy stirring undercurrents that are particularly affecting precisely because they’re never explicitly examined or explained."
    - The Hollywood Reporter
  • "An affectionate take on a much-romanticized subculture, THE BIKERIDERS purrs along rather than zips, but its stellar cast ensures a smooth ride as Jeff Nichols offers some insights into the highs and lows of a legendary motorcycle gang."
    - IGN Movies
  • "It’s a vivid, fleshed-out insider’s eye view of a subculture populated by authentically hard-edged lost souls."
    - Screen International
  • "Exudes authenticity, from the metal stallions its characters take onto the highway to the dirt-smeared denims they love to wear."
    - Neil Smith
  • "Jodie Comer roars into her first Great American Film Role. And in his finest effort yet, Mud director Jeff Nichols has given her quite the machine to ride on."
    - London Evening Standard
  • "Jeff Nichols subverts the genre with a story that manages to be endearing, gritty, hilarious, and absolutely heartbreaking, all at the same time."
    - AWFJ.org


  • Mill Valley Film Festival


  • Chicago Int'l Film Festival
  • Telluride Film Festival
  • BFI London Film Festival
  • Mill Valley Film Festival
  • Austin Film Festival