7.3/10 (IMDB)


1h 46m Mystery | Thriller


Inspired by Anna Érelle’s 2015 nonfiction bestseller, PROFILE follows an undercover British journalist in her quest to bait and expose a terrorist recruiter through social media, while trying not to be sucked in by her recruiter and lured into becoming a militant extremist herself. The unconventional thriller plays out entirely on a computer screen in the Screenlife format, pioneered by Bekmambetov.


Timur Bekmambetov


Valene Kane, Shazad Latif, Christine Adams, Amir Rahimzadeh


Not Rated




USA | UK | Cyprus | Russia


English, Arabic

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  • "The relationship between “Melody” and “Bilel” (also an assumed name) shows the slippery nature of performed online identities, the leveraging of personal grievances into political/terrorist action, and how the immense scale of social media can essentially collectivize and weaponize alienation and anger from around the world into real world terror."
    - The Playlist
  • "The story is told entirely on a computer screen, through skype, social media and editing programs. And despite the restrictions of this device, the film crackles with tension."
    - Screen Daily
  • "Even at its most absurd, the movie is chilled by an ominous and ever-present feeling that the world has become smaller than we ever thought possible, and that real nightmares are waiting for us on the other side of every window."
    - IndieWire
  • "Bekmambetov’s cumulatively hysterical film begins as a study of terror before lurching into something closer to horror."
    - Variety


  • Berlin Int'l Film Festival
  • La Roche-sur-Yon Int'l Film Festival
  • SXSW Film Festival
  • Washington DC Filmfest


  • Melbourne Int'l Film Festival
  • Rio de Janeiro Int'l Film Festival
  • Leiden Int'l Film Festival
  • London Film Festival
  • Zurich Film Festival
  • Transatlantyk Film Festival
  • Fantasia Film Festival
  • Motovun Film Festival
  • Strelka Film Festival