7/10 (IMDB)

Quo vadis, Aida?

1h 45m Drama
Quo vadis, Aida?
Quo vadis, Aida?


Bosnia, July 11th 1995. Aida is a translator for the United Nations in the small town of Srebrenica. When the Serbian army takes over the town, her family is among the thousands of citizens looking for shelter in the UN camp. As an insider to the negotiations Aida has access to crucial information that she needs to interpret. What is at the horizon for her family and people -- rescue or death? Which move should she take?


Jasmila Zbanic


Jasna Djuricic, Izudin Bajrovic, Boris Ler, Dino Bajrovic


Not Rated




Austria, Romania, Norway, Turkey and more


Serbo-Croatian, Bosnian, English, Dutch, Serbian

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  • "As a fictionalised account of what was once described as the worst European genocide in the post-war period, QUO VADIS, AIDA? is wrenching and vital in its bitter grief. As a study of political and diplomatic inertia in the face of contemporary global human tragedies, it could not be more urgent."
    - CineVue
  • "This is not historical revisionism, if anything, QUO VADIS, AIDA? works to un-revise history, re-centering the victims’ plight as the eye of a storm of evils — not only the massacre itself, but the broader evils of institutional failure and international indifference."
    - Variety
  • "There’s a real tragic power in this almost unbearably brutal and shocking movie from writer-director Jasmila Žbanić."
    - The Guardian


  • Academy Awards nomenee
  • Rotterdam Int'l Film Festival
  • Jerusalem Film Festival
  • Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival
  • El Gouna Film Festival
  • Göteborg Film Festival
  • Les Arcs European Film Festival