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Exhibition on Screen Cezanne - Portraits of a Life

1h 30m Documentary
Exhibition on Screen Cezanne - Portraits of a Life
Exhibition on Screen Cezanne - Portraits of a Life


Only TWO screenings: July 16 at 12pm and July 20 in the afternoon/evening ||

Exhibition on Screen is thrilled to present one of the most talked about exhibitions of the year. Dedicated to the portrait work of Paul Cézanne, the exhibition opens in Paris before traveling to London and Washington. One can’t appreciate 20th century art without understanding the significance and genius of Paul Cézanne.

Featuring interviews with curators and experts from the National Portrait Gallery London, MoMA New York, National Gallery of Art Washington, and Musée d’Orsay Paris, and correspondence from the artist himself, the film takes audiences beyond the exhibition to the places Cézanne lived and worked and sheds light on an artist who is perhaps the least known of all the impressionists – until now.


Phil Grabsky



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  • "It's the paintings that matter, and the paintings are magnificent."
    - Boston Globe
  • "This is a film that thoroughly repays careful listening and looking."
    - Guardian
  • "But beyond scholarly explanation and artistic evidence, the paintings are the story. Rendered in detail on the big screen, they remain among the most dramatic, stunningly personal and just plain beautiful works that audiences are likely to see anywhere."
    - Newport This Week (RI)