Job: Head Chef/ Kitchen Manager

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Job Title
Head Chef/ Kitchen Manager

Job Description
Position: Head Chef
Department: BOH Management
Status: Full Time

Salary: 55k-60K DOE

The Head Chef holds the primary responsibility for all things kitchen. In a nutshell, this includes, but is not limited to; working the line, overseeing all food production and execution; including menu development, catering and special events, supervising and training staff, adhering to and maintaining portioning guidelines, interviewing and hiring staff, ordering food product and kitchen supplies, staff scheduling, staff performance evaluations, general filing, and other administrative duties, managing food and labor cost, ensuring food is expedited, facilitating regular staff meetings, and development of food specials.

The Mission (is)Possible- To engage our community through an exceptional cinema experience.

Program It and They Will Come- We believe in the art of film. LRT uses this guiding principle to carefully select quality content in the hopes of exposing our patrons to a wider selection of movies than they would have at a large-chain cinema.

Be Good and They’ll Come Back- Moviegoers, diners, vendors, information seekers, staff, co-workers, and management are all customers in our eyes. Treat them well, exceed expectations, make it right, and show gratitude. Everything about their experience should shout to them: We want you to come back, we love coming to work, and you enjoy working with us.

The Butterfly Effect- We know that everything we do has some sort of impact elsewhere. Natural materials in the theater, organic ingredients in the kitchen, and purchasing as much as we can locally as a company are just a few ways we reduce our footprint on the world.

Pay It Back, Pay it Forward- Our roots are planted in the local community, as you support us, support you. LRT helps local filmmakers and the film community, buys local ingredients and supplies, and pairs with sponsors that are deeply intertwined into the community at large and more.

Living (Room) on the Edge- We were the first all-digital and only digital theater in the country. Our technology enables first-time directors and producers to distribute their independent films to theaters across the country and expands the functions our theaters can offer; films, television broadcasts, music, and other materials can easily be shown in multiple Living Room® Theaters locations.

The Nitty Gritty
• Previous culinary experience or education
• Previous management or supervisory experience in a high-volume kitchen
• Excellent organizational and prioritization skills
• Willingness to work alongside and support subordinates
• Flexible schedule required including days, evenings, weekends, and holidays
• Ability to interact positively with other staff, vendors, departments, customers, and guests
• Ability to work efficiently & multi-task
• Ability to work the hours necessary to complete the job
• Working knowledge of all company policies and procedures
• Produce excellent quality food for customers
• Efficiently plan and execute catering orders/ food for special events
• Menu planning
• Develop food specials
• Set and maintain consistent portioning
• Scheduling
• Maintain acceptable food costs
• Hire, train, and mentor staff
• Ability to accurately work with numbers and recipe conversions
• Ability to communicate clearly in a positive and professional manner
• Strict adherence to deadlines, product quality, recipes, and food specs
• Ability to complete orders
• Provide customer service to guests as necessary
• Other duties may occur as assigned.
• Most importantly, this job requires a positive attitude, a commitment to excellent customer service, and great team enthusiasm.

Please expect a demonstration of your cooking skills TBD

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