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Thank you for considering Living Room® Theaters to exhibit your film. Below, you will find information about us and how we program and exhibit movies.


Living Room® Theaters is a visionary concept created by longtime filmmakers. We set out to reinvent the way films are viewed and distributed and to change everything we didn't like about conventional and art house movie theaters - from the film selection to the lobby ambiance, food, seating and service. We are deeply committed to the vibrant, growing local film community and to the celebration of great independent films and filmmakers.


If you would like your film to be considered for exhibition at Living Room, please read our guidelines first to make sure your film qualifies for a theatrical run at our theater. If it does, please submit a DVD screener to:

Living Room Theaters
Programming Department - Submissions
921 SW Washington St.
Suite 220
Portland, OR 97205

Once your screener is received, it will be reviewed by our programming department. To guarantee proper consideration to all submissions, it can take us several weeks to contact you after receipt of the film. Films are generally booked two to three months in advance.

Although we are dedicated to programming independent and local films we cannot show every film that is submitted to us. We will use the following criteria to select the films we actually end up showing:

   - The quality of the filmmaking.
   - The target demographic for your film.
   - Previous programming.
   - Other scheduling commitments.

Please note that we will only consider films produced in the past 3 years (2016 onwards). Also note that we will NOT consider films that have been released to home video.


1. Exhibition Formats

We project the highest quality material. Living Room Theaters was among the first all and only digital cinemas in the US. We cannot use 35 mm prints. Playback files are created from a DCP, digital file, or HD video master. The following is a list of acceptable formats for theatrical exhibition.

- DCP. A professionally mastered Digitial Cinema Package can be delivered in either 2K or 4K resolution.

- Other File Formats. ProRes, Uncompressed Quicktime or AVI, or sequential image frame (such as TIF or DPX) files in HD, 2K, or 4K resolutions at 23.976, 24, or 25 frames per second can be used as sources to create an acceptable file for theatrical exhibition.

- HD video masters. Exhibition files, when possible, should come off HD masters with multi-channel audio sources. We request a master (on loan) to generate an HD digital file to run on our servers during the theatrical run. Most of the masters we now receive from distributors are in either HDCam, HDCam SR, or D5 format.

- For trailers, a ProRes file or DCP is ideal.

We can not use DVDs or low-resolution files for theatrical exhibition.

2. Marketing and Promotion

Low budget and independent films require grassroots outreach and more aggressive marketing tactics than larger budget films. As such, any resources or material you can provide to help market and promote your film will be useful.

When submitting your film please include a press kit with productions notes, cast and crew credits, a list of festivals where your film has screened, and any reviews and awards your film has received. Also, if any local groups were involved in the production or are featured in your film, please let us know.


If your film is selected, we will need a feature and a trailer master on loan. Both should meet the quality specifications described above. Besides the masters, we will need a couple of posters and (if available) postcards or fliers.

A film selected for exhibition at Living Room will run for at least a week with a full schedule on at least one screen. If your film does well, we will be able to extend the engagement.

Box office grosses are split on a revenue share basis: 35% goes to the filmmaker with no deductions whatsoever. As part of the deal, we will absorb the entire cost of the encode and we will have a publicist promote the film when it opens.

Aside from your exhibition materials on loan and a couple of posters, there are no additional expenses for your run with us.